Morpho IAD performs iris and portrait acquisition

The massive increase in international travelers, along with the acute awareness of the risks related to terrorism and illegal immigration, have led governments and airport authorities to improve their border control procedures. Morpho thus implements automated multibiometric border control solutions: eGates. These fully-automated e-gates read biometric data contained in travel documents and compare it with the document holder's biometric data.


The new wave of access control

MorphoWave Tower is the World first biometric access solution capturing and matching 4 fingerprints with a single hand movement. It implements a patented, truly contactless technology that not only acquires extremely accurate fingerprint data but also overcomes the challenges wet/dry fingers and latent prints pose to conventional scanning systems.


Secure, facilitate and optimize border controls

MorphoWay™ helps government agencies and airport authorities to secure and enhance air, sea and land border crossings. Based on the latest biometric recognition technologies (fingerprint, iris and face), this solution speeds up passenger screening and reduces queuing time, whilst guaranteeing optimum security.



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