Itea2 roadmap targets application domains that aim to make human life better, especially when a common societal objective is regulated by rules. Border Control represents really such an objective and software should facilitate making decision while facing complexity and high level of performance and security requirements. The Consortium will propose solutions that answer for the “network and computing services” category to the Challenge 15 “Secure Services” and Challenge 9 “Identity and profiling services”. Indeed we will design and develop innovative solutions for Identity Management systems, Biometry technology and Border control systems

The Border has a singular position in our society. It is either a fence built to protect citizens against external threats, or a place of exchange and meeting. It is really a matter to be considered with intelligence to improve the security of border management in Europe and facilitate the legitimate free movement of people and goods. EU puts the emphasis on automation and Automatic Border Gate experiences have already been launched in the main airports (Francfort, Schiphol, CDG…). This trend can be observed worldwide. The project will support this effort to extend the population of targeted users while the existing solutions are standalone systems that can be used by a very limited number of users. The overtaking of those limits are real technological challenges with the integration of the latest improvements in security (eg. passports verification).

The partners aim to design, develop and integrate in a real environment disruptive technologies in biometry and soft-biometry, they envisage strong enhancements for authentication protocols for citizens crossing frontiers and secure communications for sensitive systems. By demonstrating a complete system their willingness is to make decision-maker in EU and in the rest of the world confident in the bricks that the partners will propose as products after the end of the projects. Those bricks, such as new generation passports, embedded secure elements for mobile phone, server software for supervision or frequent traveller management will allow them to require efficient and secure eGates dedicated not only for their own citizens but any third country travellers.






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